How wide is a Wide Door Mat ?

The Morland Access collection of Commercial Entrance Mats and Residential door mats are available in several sizes. Whether you consider the door mat to be wide or long is a matter or orientation, however. these are the standard sizes with the largest dimension listed first Morland Access Duo – Morland Access Mono and Morland Access …

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The Best Luxury Door Mat you can buy

A statement indeed, worthy of this Luxury Door Mat. Morland Cotton Luxury Door Mat, Manufactured in the UK with a surface pile of 100% cotton and a Nitrile Rubber Backing. Originally designed for use on Oil Rigs, this is a luxury residential doormat that can withstand an industrial workload. A 60 deg wash cycle and …

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The No 1 way to prevent trips in the workshop

We all know workshops can be a dangerous place, and work hard to keep them safe places for us all. A quality cable cover mat can be one solution to improve workshop safety. Workshop Safety includes keeping floors clear prevents trips and using cordless tools and compressed air systems contribute to workshops safety. These systems …

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A Commercial Doormat – Access Duo has a high capacity for dirt capture and great durability this makes Access Duo a popular choice for busy areas such as entrances, corridors, lift areas and reception desks. Available in two styles, a total of 14 colours in 6 sizes, 7 Plains (Access Duo) and 7 Textures (Access …


The Number 1 Cable Cover Mat – Morland Protect – Safe and Simple

The Morland Protect Cable Cover Mat, available as either a carpet mat or as a rubber mat are two very simple cable mat solutions for floor cable and cord protection. If you need to have an extension lead or cord run across an area people walk then you need a cable cover mat, just lay …

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The No 1 Rule to prevent slips from doormats

Good quality, carefully selected Non-Slip doormats are an effective safety measure when following the HSE guidelines on preventing slips and falls in buildings. Preventing Slips and trips at work (a brief guide) – HSE Leaflet (.pdf) as an example, using doormats to stop rainwater being tracked in and making the floor slippery. Selecting the wrong …

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Commercial Entrance Matting – 4 things to consider

Choosing the right commercial entrance matting can be daunting with so many options, these are the 4 key things to consider. Visitors generally do not wipe their feet thoroughly or at all. The objective is to have as large as mat as possible or better still a system of complimenting doormats. Outside, in the lobby …

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Dry dirt can be more damaging

Cracked and backed dry mud with grass and leaves

The most obvious reason for a doormat is to dry peoples feet as they enter the building. This keeps everybody safe from slips and falls and keeps your building looking great.

However, once the rain has gone visitors carry an incredible amount of dirt into your buildings.

Wet dirt is easier to deal with.

When a visitors tramps in with muddy boots, you can see this straight away and deal with it. Dry dirt on the other hand enters by stealth and you dont realise you have a problem until the volume is so great you can see the tracking into the building

If you have carpeted floors, the dirt then becomes entrapped in the carpet fibres. Each grain acts as a small blade against a strand of carpet fibre. This creates a cutting action each time you step.

As a result, this creates premature wear and dulls the surface of the fibre, very quickly your new carpet starts to look shabby.

It’s not just about the entrance matting.

Doormats keep the whole building up to standard and reduce the maintenance costs.
Lift lobbies are good opportunities as are side doors out to smoking areas. Any area which transitions from hard floor to carpeted areas should be evaluated for a doormat

Choosing the right doormat.

This is something I have considered in more detail in this post – Commercial Entrance Matting 4 things to consider.

Which door mat you choose can be just as important, as is the size. if the doormat is too small people will step on and then off and the opportunity is missed. Consider a doormat as a runner particularly in a corridor area.

Trapping the dirt at the entrance reducing the time and money spent by the maintenance team, the door matting can be simply vacuumed or replaced.

The Morland Access Collection of Commercial Door Mats is an excellent place to start

In conclusion

Once the spring showers are a memory and we are baking in the sun, we still need a doormat to trap the dirt at the entrance.

Spring Sale

In celebration of the brighter mornings and lighter nights, and as the glorious sunshine has been replaced with the more normal April showers, this is a perfect opportunity to keep your buildings looking good under the deluge of wet feet. Access Entrance System

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