How wide is a Wide Door Mat ?

The Morland Access collection of Commercial Entrance Mats and Residential door mats are available in several sizes.

Whether you consider the door mat to be wide or long is a matter or orientation, however. these are the standard sizes with the largest dimension listed first

Morland Access Duo Morland Access Mono and Morland Access Max

85 cm60 cm
120 cm85 cm
150 cm85 cm
175 cm115 cm
240 cm115 cm
300 cm85 cm

The Morland Cotton Door Mat is available in the following sizes

75 cm50 cm
100 cm75 cm
150 cm75 cm

  • Morland Cotton Extra
    Morland Cotton Extra
    £18.67£48.42 (inc VAT)
  • Access Max
    Access Max
    £58.14£145.35 (inc VAT)
  • Portifera Access Duo Door Mat with colour swatch
    Portifera® Access Duo Heavy Duty Commercial Door Mat
    £17.85£113.51 (inc VAT)
  • Morland Access Mono Colours
    Portifera® Access Mono
    £17.85£113.51 (inc VAT)

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