The No 1 way to prevent trips in the workshop

We all know workshops can be a dangerous place, and work hard to keep them safe places for us all. A quality cable cover mat can be one solution to improve workshop safety.

Workshop safety - Exposed cables covered with Morland Cable protect Rubber Mats
Resistant to Oil and Grease and easily Jet Washed, this is the perfect cable cover mat for workshops – Morland Protect Rubber

Workshop Safety includes keeping floors clear prevents trips and using cordless tools and compressed air systems contribute to workshops safety. These systems are usually carefully considered and designed in to the workflow of your workspace.

Until there not !

Trips and falls can be life changing

When we make temporary changes, say for machine maintenance, a new bespoke order or extra people working on the same job the risks increase. Its on these occasions things begin to get dangerous. along with these “special” circumstances, there are often additional commercial pressures to get the job done.

If your successful and this new “special job” is the beginning of a new product line or a new production or work area and before the usual controls are in place, this temporary working environment becomes the norm. This is were the danger creeps in through complacency.

There is excellent advice on the HSE website here http://www.hse.gov.uk/slips/preventing.htm

In the meantime what are you to do?

Buy a Morland Cable Protect Rubber, an industrial Cable Cover Mat, manufactured in Europe with high quality NITRILE rubber, resistant to oil and grease, can be Jet Washed and easily replaced.

Measures like these are for temporary situations, if at all possible, consider re-designing your workshop. its worth the time, effort and disruption. Trips and falls can be life changing.

Keep your self and the people around you safe, buy a Morland Cable Protect Rubber, Cable Cover Mat now. and then redesign your workplace if you can.

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