The Best Luxury Door Mat you can buy

A statement indeed, worthy of this Luxury Door Mat. Morland Cotton Luxury Door Mat, Manufactured in the UK with a surface pile of 100% cotton and a Nitrile Rubber Backing.

Morland Cotton Door Mat by an open front door
Morland Cotton Door Mat – Open your door to a Luxury Door Mat

Originally designed for use on Oil Rigs, this is a luxury residential doormat that can withstand an industrial workload.

A 60 deg wash cycle and tumble dry or simply vacuum to remove dry dirt. All in its stride.

Morland Cotton with its Non slip rubber backing and unique grip pattern makes this doormat suitable for both carpet and hard floors.

Manufactured with a 100% Cotton pile, moisture is quickly wicked away into the fibres to leave boots and shoes dry.

Image comparing sizes of door mats
75 x 50 cm
75 x 100 cm
75 x 100 cm
3 Sizes – 75 x 50 cm – 75 x 100 cm – 75 x 150 cm
  • 100% Cotton Pile
  • Nitrile Rubber Backing
  • Machine wash up to 60°Spin and Tumble Dry
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the UK

Go ahead, treat your entrance now to a Morland Cotton Luxury Entrance Mat for your front door.

back of doormat showing grippy backing
Grippy NITRILE rubber backing for both carpet and hard floors

With three practical sizes, suitable for all entrances, if you need a long door mat, a wide door mat, an extra wide door mat, a runner door mat. the you will find the size for you.

Four excellent colours to compliment all interiors

Morland Cotton Luxury Door Mat showing 4 colours and backing
Four excellent colours to compliment all interiors and the grippy NITRILE rubber backing

As a Front Door Mat, a Back Door Mat, a Wide Door Mat, a Long Door Mat or a Door Mat for any location at home or at work in three practical sizes, absorbs moisture unlike any other yarn on them market.

Non-Slip, Non-Ruck low profile door mat, remains flat reduce the risk of trips and falls in your home

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