Why Your Entrance Mat Matters More Than You Think (And Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Imitations)

Flattery is the sincerest form of imitation, right? Well, when it comes to doormats, not so much. Sure, cheaper copycats might look similar, but the real magic lies in the engineering and innovation that make a truly effective entrance mat.

This isn’t just about wiping your feet and walking in. A good doormat is the silent guardian of your floors, protecting them from the wear and tear of dirt, moisture, and debris.

The Problem with Ordinary Doormats:

Think about it: every time you walk in from the outside, you’re tracking in a cocktail of dirt and moisture. Regular mats might absorb some of it, but they often trap it right there to be picked up again, WaterHog® is an excellent primary matting for high traffic entrances, effective at removing particulates of dirt which would otherwise lead to:

  • Micro-scratches: Tiny particles act like sandpaper, gradually dulling and damaging hard floors like wood and LVT.
  • Carpet abrasion: Over time, dirt and grit can wear down and cut carpet fibers, leading to premature wear and tear.

In short, you’re investing in beautiful flooring, only to have it slowly destroyed by something as simple as tracked-in dirt.

Introducing the WaterHog®: Innovation in Every Step

The WaterHog® doormat isn’t just another pretty face. It’s a game-changer in entrance mat technology, thanks to its unique design:

  • Raised nub designThese nubs scrape and absorb dirt and moisture, keeping your floors cleaner.
  • Lower-level channels: Dirt and moisture are channeled away, preventing them from resurfacing on people’s feet.
  • Integral rubber support: The nubs are reinforced, preventing crushing and ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Water dam border: Holds an impressive 5.7 liters of water per square meter, keeping floors dry.

Sustainability Matters:

WaterHog® understands that protecting your floors goes hand-in-hand with protecting the planet. That’s why their mats are made with:

  • High-grade recycled polyester yarn: Each square meter uses the equivalent of 68 plastic bottles, giving them a second life.
  • Durable rubber backing: Slip-resistant and weatherproof, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to Clean, Long-Lasting Performance:

Maintaining your WaterHog® mat is a breeze:

  • Daily vacuuming for loose dirt.
  • Occasional deep cleaning with a carpet cleaner or jet wash.
  • Simple hang / air drying before replacing.

Invest in the Best, Protect Your Investment:

Your floors are a significant investment. Don’t settle for second-rate protection. Choose the WaterHog® doormat and experience the difference that innovation and quality make.

Built to Last: Indoor, Outdoor, Anywhere Adventure Takes You

The beauty of the WaterHog® doormat isn’t just in its clever design; it’s also in its unwavering resilience. Unlike ordinary mats that wilt under the sun or crumble in the cold, WaterHog® is an all-weather champion.

Sun, Rain, or Snow – No Problem:

The high-grade rubber backing boasts exceptional UV resistance, meaning the scorching sun won’t fade its vibrant colors or crack its sturdy frame. Whether you’re welcoming guests on a bright summer day or shielding your floors from winter’s wrath, WaterHog® stands firm.

Durable Fibers, Unmatched Performance:

The specially designed 100% post consumer recycled polyester yarn is not only kind to the planet, but it’s also tough as nails. It won’t unravel, mat, or lose its effectiveness in extreme temperatures or harsh weather conditions. This means your WaterHog® doormat will keep protecting your floors through rain, sleet, or scorching sunshine.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything:

This versatility makes WaterHog® the perfect choice for any entrance, indoors or outdoors. Place it at your front door, back patio, garage entry, or even inside busy commercial spaces. Wherever your day takes you, WaterHog® is ready to tackle the elements and keep your floors looking their best.

Invest in Peace of Mind:

Knowing your doormat can handle anything the weather throws its way is a comfort. With WaterHog®, you can enjoy the beauty of your floors year-round, confident that they’re shielded from the wear and tear of Mother Nature. So, step outside, embrace the elements, and let WaterHog®take care of the rest.

Discover the WaterHog® difference for yourself. Your floors (and the planet) will thank you.

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