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A Door mat for every location. Heavy Duty, Commercial, Industrial and Residential. Perfect for high traffic entrances, durable with long-lasting non-slip Nitrile Rubber Backings.

Keep your building safe and clean. a range of Indoor and outdoor commercial doormats. Make a statement with a stunning logo door mat

Explore our collection of Health and Safety Non-Slip Matting, Anti-Fatigue Matting and cable cover mats. Working at a standing desk then explore our Comfort collection for all-day comfort.

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  • Anti-fatigue

    High Traffic Slip Resistant Matting

    £349.58£742.46 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Anti-fatigue

    Mono-rib, slip-resistant matting

    £274.17£424.17 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Double door entrance to a building outside which is a Morland Access Approach Industrial doormat
    Commercial Entrance

    Access Approach

    £31.24£160.14 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Morland Access Aqua doormat in brown outside a sliding glass entrance door with a man and a woman walking across
    Commercial Entrance

    Access Aqua

    £22.68£115.93 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Morland Access Mono Colours
    Commercial Entrance

    Portifera® Access Mono

    £17.85£113.51 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Commercial Entrance

    Access Disinfectant Mats

    £154.17 (inc VAT) Add to basket
  • lady walking across a Large doormat in stadium entrance
    Commercial Entrance

    Access Myriad Logo Mat

    £39.95£169.87 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Portifera Access Duo Door Mat with colour swatch
    Commercial Entrance

    Portifera® Access Duo Heavy Duty Commercial Door Mat

    £17.85£113.51 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Commercial Entrance

    Access Max

    £58.14£145.35 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Four, red, grey, blue, brown, Morland Elemental PVC Industrial Doormat on a white background
    Commercial Entrance


    £10.25£32.18 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Person standing at an industrial workstation on a Morland Comfort Structure Industrial Rubber Anti-fatigue mat

    Comfort Structure

    £31.98£126.18 (inc VAT) Select options
  • Close up of feet in boots standing on a Morland Active Industrial Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Comfort Active

    £40.17£160.65 (inc VAT) Select options
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