The Number 1 Cable Mat – Morland Protect – Safe and Simple

The Morland Protect Cable Mat, available as either a carpet mat or as a rubber mat are two very simple cable mat solutions for floor cable and cord protection.

If you need to have an extension lead or cord run across an area people walk then you need a cable cover mat, just lay the cable mat over, the bright yellow and black border shouts out the danger and the Non-Slip, Non-Curl Nitrile Rubber Backing with integrated cable channel keeps the wire in place and safe away from being caught in your foot and causing a tripping hazard.

  • Bright and easy to see. Superior Floor Cable Protection.
  • Easy and safely deployed, no feeding wires into covers and fixing to the floor.
  • Non-slip, non-curl Industrial Nitrile Rubber Backing.
  • Commercial Durable Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Pile (Morland Cable Protect) Suitable for indoor use.
  • Embossed Oil and Grease resistant Nitrile Rubber surface (Morland Cable Protect Rubber) Suitable for Outdoor Use.
  • Both Cable Mats are fully Machine Washable to 60 deg.
  • Quickly Roll up when done and use again and again

NITRILE RUBBER is oil and Grease resistant perfect for a busy workshop, factory floor or commercial garage auto shop, It can be jet washed and put back to work, use it to cover cords, cables and identify other workplace hazards, cable protect rubber is both an outdoor mat and an indoor mat.

Simple and Safe

Morland Cable Protect Mat, Ideal whenever you need to run a temporary power or data cable for Schools, the Office, Market Stalls. etc essential Health and Safety

Very simple, elegant and uncomplicated solution, cover cables safely, even through the public may not be allowed backstage, keep staff safe.

The Original Cable Cover Mat, Morland Cable Protect and Morland Cable Protect Rubber. Buy one now.

Buy one and tell everybody about it. Keep Safe

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John McNamaraJohn McNamara
11:32 31 Oct 22
Moreland Matting were great to deal with and offer a very good service all -round. David offers his time and product information generously and prompt free delivery was a bonus. Glass desk Chair Mat looks great down.
Richard MooreRichard Moore
16:01 21 Sep 22
Fantastic service from Morland Matting from the start. And the product was exactly what I was looking for.David went the extra mile to take a custom width grip tape order, which arrived as promised.If I need to, I'll be coming back for another order!
Sona SonuSona Sonu
13:00 28 Jun 21
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