Commercial Entrance Matting – 4 things to consider

Choosing the right commercial entrance matting can be daunting with so many options, these are the 4 key things to consider.

Visitors generally do not wipe their feet thoroughly or at all. The objective is to have as large as mat as possible or better still a system of complimenting doormats. Outside, in the lobby area and in the reception.

Your lobby mat may be a fitted doormat of some sort. However, you already know on bad weather days this struggles to keep up. A few extra loose laid commercial entrance matting mats can be the perfect solution.

Outdoors, is the area covered?

lady walking across a Large doormat in stadium entrance
Morland Access Myriad Logo Mat
  • No. Then a rubber scraper mat is an excellent choice. Ideal to remove the larger dirt and debris before visitors enter the building. Morland Access Approach is an ideal choice

Time of day

During the rush hour, when the building occupiers are arriving, the footfall is at its greatest. On a rainy day, the entrance can look very grim particularly by 9 am. You need to have things looking good as the first building visitors arrive.

As people enter, chatting carrying coffee or generally busy in their thoughts they often don’t wipe their feet sufficiently. Lobby mats are often too small. Dirt and water are deposited on the floors in the building, as other follow, they carry this dirt further into the building,

Size of Mats

A long Morland Access Duo Door Matting in a stair lobby location
Morland Access Duo commercial door mat

For the first couple of hours lay out a long ‘runner mat’ this is ideal. Once everybody is at their desk; remove it to be vacuumed later once dry. This is a quick way of ensuring your reception looks great for when the first visitor arrives.

Bring it back in the evening lay it out, vacuum and it’s ready for the next day

Have more than one mat

First impressions do count. You have only 7 seconds in which your visitor may determine many things about your building and consequently the organisations that operate there. Having quality commercial entrance matting will make a difference.

Having a fresh mat available at 9am, perhaps a logo mat could make all the difference

In Summary – Commercial Entrance Matting

  • Place a scraper mat outside the entrance.
  • Time of day, Have an extra mat particularly on rainy days just for the morning rush hour.
  • Consider the size, Longer is better, if not all day, then place it at the busiest time in the morning.
  • Exchange the mat for a clean one after the rush and keep your entrance looking pristine

7 Seconds and your visitor will have made many assumptions about your building. Keep it looking good and your costs down.

See our complete Commercial Entrance Matting system here

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